Essential Sessions

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Essential Sessions Recording Studio

An ideal recording scenario is to capture audio with the warmth of analog tape while retaining the ability to edit audio using a non-linear program such as Pro Tools. Essential Sessions Studios has created the only studio in the Twin Cities which utilizes Endless Analog's CLASP system to seamlessly integrate both analog and digital platforms. You can now take advantage of our Authentic Analog studio featuring a 32 channel Neve 5088 console and a 2" 16 track Studer tape machine while editing in your favorite DAW such as Pro Tools, Logic and Abelton Live.

The Producers Suite at Essential Sessions Studios


In additional to a world class console and multiple tape machines, we have build up an array of classic outboard gear from a Fairchild 670 compressor, EMT style plate verb, and Pultec Eqs.

Studio A at Essential Sessions is a large control room with seating for 10. It overlooks multiple isolated tracking rooms with ample room for live tracking. We have a new 7 foot Hailun piano perfect for rock, jazz and classical alike. Please take your time and view the videos illustrating the flexibility of our recording facility.