Brad Matala

Brad Matala

Content Creator

I think of myself as a resource for businesses, social influencers and their endorsed brands. I get charged-up when surrounded by talented and positive people and am obsessed with creating content for new media.

All of my clients have one thing in common, they seeking growth. Developing creative content for paid ads, organic placement strategy and SEO/PPC ad managament for local and international national brands is a big part of what I do for them.

brad matala
Strategic Planing  


All consumers are looking for a solution. They make purchases because they want something.   I create content that supports strategies to first show the solution and then eliminates barriers to purchase.

Understanding the steps and resources it takes to reach critical benchmarks are part of the process. I can clarify the numbers and acronyms that comprise socal/ad buy analytics with the goal of confidently matching resources with expected results.